Bridge Between Worlds

Bridge Between Worlds

Photography is a process. You go through so many different steps before you arrive at the final product that you are satisfied with.

First is to have an inspiration or an idea and then to be fortunate enough to find something wonderful to photograph. Then you decide from which angle you will shoot it? Perhaps decide what the light will be when you do so. Next comes the processing. What treatments will you add to the image to get it to look just perfect?

Then, the last step, if you are going to share the image…what will you name it? I sometimes have a lot of trouble with this last step. LOL!

For this image, I first thought about naming it “Bridge to…?” but I couldn’t come up with anything interesting. Then I thought about “Do You Dare Cross?” because of the unstable look to the construction of the bridge…but again…BORING. lol

Then I was looking at some poems about bridges and it came to me…”Bridge Between Worlds.” As if to say that it could lead somewhere magical and full of fantasy, since it was such an unusual bridge to begin with. However, when I posted the photo on 500px, something wonderful happened – as it often does – and people came up with their own ideas and thoughts as to what the photo meant.

That’s when it hit me as well…photography is in itself a communication art – a wonderful “bridge” between people all over the world. It brings people together, for the love of the craft, and one image can say so many things to so many different people – no matter what their background is or where they come from!

This photo was a perfect reminder to me of what I love most about photography – it is a “Bridge Between Worlds.”

As always thank you for taking the time to look and for sharing the journey with me!  -Dina 🙂