Little Town

Little Town

This is one of my favorite Christmas decorations that belongs to my Mother-In-Law.  While visiting her for Christmas, I decided to take some shots and try to capture its charm.

It sat very low on a shelf just above the ground, so I had to lay down on the floor – all stretched out in front of a very warm fireplace in order to get just the right POV.

Since I was on the ground, obviously I was not able to use a tripod to keep the camera stable in such low light conditions.  I held my breath with each shot, so as not to create any extra movement of the camera and to avoid any blur.

To make the shot even more challenging, the Christmas Tree in the center of the town spins around at a fairly good pace, in order to catch the light and add to the sparkle of the piece.  I had to shoot it four times before I finally captured it with the tree and star facing forward like I wanted it to be.

So, while it may look like just a simple shot, it certainly provided its challenges!  I was pretty happy with the final result!

As I was finishing up, my Mother-In-Law walked into the room and kind of chuckled and asked what I was doing.  When I explained that I had always loved the piece, and was taking a photo of it to have and enjoy, she very generously told me that when she packs away her decorations this year, she will be boxing up this piece and giving it to me!  So typical of her loving and giving nature!  I am very grateful and excited to add the piece to my collection of Christmas decorations next year!

Thanks for taking the time to look!  I hope you enjoy it and that you all had a wonderful holiday season! -Dina