All Things New

All Things New

Looking out my kitchen window, the morning light was shining through the blossoms on the Silver Maple Tree in our backyard.

It struck me, the promise of a new day – a new season filled with rebirth and hope. Winter’s drab grey skies and black and white tones had been replaced with the wonderful colors of springtime.

A fresh, balmy breeze blew in through the open window and you could smell the rain from the night before…much needed water for all the new growth that was beginning to sprout and blossom.

As I listened to the sounds of all the beautiful song birds that had returned after a long winter, it brought Steven Curtis Chapman’s song to mind.


“You turn winter into spring

You take every living thing

And You breathe Your breath of life into it over and over again

You make all things new…”


I just love springtime and all the promise it holds.

Wishing each of you a beautiful day! Thanks for looking! -Dina 🙂