Do You Speak Fish?

Do You Speak Fish?

I know the quality of this photo could be better (there were a lot of scratches and fingerprints on the glass), but I wanted to share it anyway because I loved the colors and there is such a cute story behind it. 🙂

It was at the end of a day long visit to the MN Zoo. We were getting ready to leave and I had already put my camera away, but I scrambled in the dark to grab it and try to capture this precious moment before it got away.

We were enjoying the Coral Reef exhibit when this precious little boy got really excited upon seeing the fish and sharks.

As you can see, his hat was bigger than his little head, and he had leaned in and pressed his face up tightly to the glass.

This curious fish swam right up to check him out. At which point the little boy said, “Hello…..Do you speak fish?” LOL!

Thanks for looking! -Dina 🙂