Keeper Of The Light

Keeper Of The Light

The Duluth South Breakwater Inner Range Lighthouse was built in 1901 and served as a Rear Range Light at the same time as the present Outer Light was completed and the breakwater was extended.

The historic Fresnel Lens once lit the Inner Range Light on the South Pier of the Duluth Ship Canal. The lens is a classic rotating 5th Order Fresnel lens with six flash panels and retains its original mechanical clockworks.

The Coast Guard installed a new phenolic (plastic) lens in 1995 and then loaned the original Fresnel lens to the Maritime Center Museum.

The lighthouse is a pyramidal steel skeleton frame which supports a round watch room with an 8-sided lantern on top. A center steel tube contains the stairs leading to the watch room. The focal plane of the light is 68 feet above the water.

The tower is located next to the well-known Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge across the canal from Canal Park and is still active today.

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