Pulling Into Port

Pulling Into Port

MV Paul R. Tregurtha is a Great Lakes-based bulk carrier freighter.

She is the current Queen of the Lakes (the largest ship operating on the Great Lakes complex at a whopping 1013′ 6″ and 68,000 gross ton capacity.)

She was the last of the 13 “thousand footers” to enter service on the Great Lakes, and was also the last Great Lakes vessel built at the American Ship Building Companies yard in Lorain, Ohio.

Formally launched on February 4, 1981, the vessel was christened on April 25, 1981, as the William J. De Lancey, named in honor of Republic Steel’s chairman who participated in the launch.

On termination of the Republic Steel contract, on May 23, 1990, she was rechristened MV Paul R. Tregurtha at Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin, named in honor of the Vice Chairman of Interlake Steamship Co.

On May 3, 2002, her only captain died in his cabin, Captain Mitch Hallin, aged 55.

She was the subject of a television program in the second series of Discovery Channel Canada’s series Mighty Ships.

This photo really gives you an idea of the enormous size of these amazing ships, as you can see the people standing around the lighthouse watching her pull into port. It is incredible to see them up close, and realize how powerful they really are!

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