Green-Eyed Lady

Green-Eyed Lady

With a dense silvery-brown coat, ruffed face, and tufted ears, the CANADA LYNX resemble large domestic cats. Well-suited to living in snow, their large furry feet serve as snowshoes. Long legs help them stay above drifts, and extra-thick fur keeps them warm and silent.

The best lynx habitat is in the northern forests, where their adaptations to snow serve them well. They can be found in dense forests across northern Canada, in northern Minnesota and Maine, and in mountainous areas of the northwestern United States.

Like other wild cats, lynx usually rest during the day, often under cover such as a fallen log or rock ledge. Like the hares they hunt, these secretive and solitary cats are mostly nocturnal.

Minnesota used to have a large Canada Lynx population, but numbers have dropped. They are listed as threatened under the Endangered Species Act.

This beauty was hiding behind the trees and peeking through the green leaves. I thought it really set off her beautiful green eyes!

Thank you for taking the time to look and have a wonderful day! -Dina