As an Education major, with a minor in Psychology, I have always been fascinated by the human mind. I am also a highly visual person, and I find it intriguing how two people can look at the very same thing and see it so differently. I guess that is where my story begins.

I grew up in southern California which afforded me the opportunity to see all the beauty that nature had to offer. From the mountains, to the desert, and down to the ocean. My family also enjoyed traveling. When I was nine years old, my family took a month long road trip from California to New York, and back again, in a bubble top camper van. A dear neighbor friend gave me an inexpensive pocket camera, and encouraged me to record the trip in photographs so that I would always have the memories of my travels. A young photo-bug was born!

What I really loved, was being able to preserve the sights the “way” that I perceived them. I was then able to share not only the stories of our trip, and the good times we had, but also to show people things the way that I looked at them. When comparing my photos to the ones that other family members took, it struck me as to how differently each person viewed things.  What was important to one person could be so different than what I saw, or what I felt was important to me. I think this is where my true love of photography began. The ability to share your visions and your thoughts with someone in tangible form, so to speak. It opened up a whole new world for me. A way to communicate my thoughts and feelings, without having to say a word.

To this day, I believe that one of my greatest loves of photography remains the ability to capture an image that stirs emotion and feeling in a person, and share that with the world. I have been moved by the works and talent of many wonderful artists over the years, and I hope that one day my work will be able to do the same. I know that I have a long way to go, and much still to learn, but if passion counts for anything – I’m good to go!

In junior high school I took photos for the school newspaper, and in high school I was on the yearbook staff and shot various things from candids, to events, to photos for the advertising layouts in the back of the book. Having used all kinds of cameras, even the little disc camera that looked much like the Viewmaster toy, I was captivated by the higher quality equipment we used for the high school yearbook. For my graduation gift, my parents bought me a Ricoh 35mm – my first “real” camera. I enjoyed using it for many years until the world of digital came along.

While preparing for our first family trip to Walt Disney World with our three sons, my husband bought me a Canon S40 Digital Point and Shoot Camera. Oh the freedom of digital! I was like a kid in a candy shop! It was a fabulous trip and lots of memories were made, and preserved for a lifetime, with that awesome little point and shoot. Several years and many trips later, my faithful companion took an unfortunate fall out of a travel pack and bit the dust.

Last year, with another family trip to Walt Disney World planned (are you seeing a pattern here?), I made the jump into the world of DSLR with a Canon EOS Rebel XS and two lenses (18-55MM and 75-300 MM). It was very exciting, all the new possibilities and things to learn! Once again it was a fantastic trip, lots of quality family time, and the memories will live on forever in the wonderful photos that were taken.  I believe there were close to 2000 shots in all!

There was no trip to Disney this year, but we did enjoy some time in Duluth, MN this summer! You will see some of the photos from that trip in my galleries here. I hope you like them!

One thing that I have noticed in the world of photography, is that there can be some fiercely competitive types around. I find this to be quite sad, as for me the joy has always been in the vast differences and variety of all that is out there. I love to admire the work of other people, and to be inspired to produce more of my own! The fact that no two people ever see something in the same exact way, leaves more than enough room for interpretation by everyone in my opinion. I hope you will join me on my journey “Thru the Mind’s Eye” and that you will enjoy your time here and come back often!

Please feel free to contact me:   dina@thruthemindseye.com


This site is dedicated to my husband Shawn…….who has always helped me to see the world more beautifully!

With all my love,